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Forstware Informationssysteme GmbH www.forstware.de

Forstware Informationssysteme GmbH is a IT company in the forestry sector located in Meersburg Germany. They offer IT solutions for forest inventory, GIS and logistics. We have been collaborating since 10 years with Forstware. SILVACONSULT has introduced the inventory software INVDB in Switzerland and adopted it to the Swiss requirements in close collaboration with Forstware.


B.S.S. Basel   www.bss-basel.ch

B.S.S. is an economic consulting company. If they need a foestry expert they engage SILVACONSULT, if SILVACONSULT needs an economist we engage B.S.S. The collaboration worked well in several projects like World Bank Studies and Studies of the Swiss Federal Bureau of Environment.


Joanneum Research Graz  www.joanneum.at/fb3/dib.html  

Joanneum Research Graz is one of the largest non-university research institutions in Austria. The Institute for Digital Image Processing is leading in developing remote sensing technologies for forestry purposes. We collaborated in a large area forest inventory in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (1 mio ha).  

Joanneum also leading in the processing of LIDAR data. We developed two procedures together with Joanneum. Determination of stability against storms and digital stand mapping with LIDAR data.

Projekt "Neue Bestandeskarte"     Projekt "Sturmstabilität" 

ClimateFriends GmbH     www.climatefriends.ch

ClimateFriends Switzerland is a company for strategy consulting in climate protection for companies and organisations. ClimatePartner offers the climate protection project  "Forest Reserve Droit du Vallon Soulce Undervellier" of SILVACONSULT for compensation of rest emissions. Klimaschutzprojekt Waldreservat "Droit du Vallon Soulce Undervellier"


TÜV-SÜD Munich   www.netinform.de

TÜV-SÜD is one of the world's biggest certifying company. The Carbon Management Services CMS of TÜV SÜD provides validation and certification services of climate protection projects according to different standards (CDM, JI, VCS, CCBA). Hubertus Schmidtke from SILVACONSULT accredited green house gas GHG Auditor with TÜV SÜD for forestry projects.


WaKa Forest Investment Services www.waka-fis.ch

WaKa is a consulting company for timberland investment projects. SILVACONSULT is contributing the carbon aspect. 

Klimaneutral mit Schweizer Waldprojekt


Die im Projekt generierten Zertifikate werden von der Stiftung myclimate zur Kompensation von Emissionen verwendet.





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