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Forest Carbon CO2


Forest Carbon: AFOLU, REDD+, Afforeestation, Reforestation

SILVACONSULT is intensively engaged in carbon sequestration projects. We conduct feasibility studies, we develop projects and monitoring concepts or we conduct due diligence tasks.

Dr. Hubertus Schmidtke is appointed green house gas GHG Auditor of TUEV-SUED, the German certifying company .

SILVACONSULT is member of the Zurich Carbon Market Association www.zurich-cma.ch

Project Development    AFOLU, REDD Fact Finding, Feasibility Studies, PDD  
Project due diligence We evaluate projects as independent third party.
This includes review of Project Design Documents (PDDs), monitoring reports, eligibility criteria for methodologies and project areas, baseline settings, forest change maps, sampling designs for forest inventories etc.
Certification Validation and Certification on behalf of TUEV SUED  
Standards A/R CDM, JI, VCS, CCBA  
Studies related with Kyoto and post Kyoto processes  


Projects related with Climate Change

List of projects related to Climate Change

SILVACONSULT AG Projects Reference List


"Options for Accounting for Forest Management in Switzerland as Sinks in Accordance with Article 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol"  on behalf of the Swiss Federal Bureau for Environment, 2005-2007. 

Art. 3.4 Senken-Schweiz

Klimaneutral mit Schweizer Waldprojekt


Die im Projekt generierten Zertifikate werden von der Stiftung myclimate zur Kompensation von Emissionen verwendet.





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